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 ¿Why Using Inflatables?

Publi -Air has developed thousands of inflatable projects from the smallest inflatable, (a few centimeters) to 20 meters giant inflatables.
We control the production process of our inflatable products and we deliver directly to our customers their inflatable products.
Our experience with inflatable, high creativity and rigorous quality control allows us to offer inflatables with an unbeatable value for money.


 What are the benefits of our inflatables?

The applications and flexibility are very extensive when advertising with inflatables; we design customized inflatables following our customers’ directions.
The inflatable advertising is of reduced cost, simple transportation, storage and installation.
Most important is that inflatable advertising captures the consumer’s attention to your brand or product plus gets an excellent ROI (return on investment) on your marketing budget.


 What are your marketing, distribution and commercialization channels?

You will find our inflatables in: sporting events, trade shows, product launches, store openings, shopping malls, concerts, festivals, promotions, and sale, delivery of samples, as well as in outlets and exhibitors of supermarkets.
 Also, inflatables are useful as tool of direct marketing for door-to-door delivery (auto inflatable), as a tool of added value for your products, or simply as promotional article.