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Publi-Air Inflatables

The versatility of the use of our inflatable spheres is unimaginable, from the promotion in specific events such as fairs and openings, to a giant inflatable sphere for human use to get inside it and play in the water;to put a product inside the inflatable sphere for a presentation to the media. Also, zorb spheres allow the experience of rolling down a hill, a slide or a ramp being inside the zorb ball itself.

As a decorative element inflatable spheres are spectacular because of its wide range of colors and materials that can be opaque, semi-transparent or translucent.

Inflatable Sphere

A giant inflatable sphere allows a cool interior light, full color print of your logo, text, image, whatever you choose; it will be displayed in an elegant and striking way on the inflatable sphere.

Feel free to ask for the many applications that we can suggest you for your inflatable inflatable sphere.

Helium Spheres

An inflatable sphere can be filled with helium to raise your advertising to go into the height (minimum diameter 2.1 meters)the inflatable sphere can be filled with air to be suspended so that will grab attention on specific points.

The inflatable spheres are manufactured in different thicknesses of PVC; inflatable spheres are produced in different sizes (from 40 centimeters to 12 meters in diameter) according to its use.