Hinchables Interior

 Indoor Inflatables

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Publi-Air Inflatables

Product enlargements are extremely effective for several reasons.

Although the size of these inflatable are subject to the ceiling height where they will be placed, it does not mean that they will go unnoticed.

The product enlargements installation takes only 5 minutes, its durability will last years of it is a multipurpose product due to its interchangeable system customization.

Illuminated Inflatable

Product enlargements may include interior lighting that makes your printed logo, brandproduct image even more outstanding.

Also, optionally, we can include an audio module with motion sensor in this type of inflatable, which activates automatically when the public passes beside it.

It has been proved that this kind of inflatables placed in stores or supermarkets may increase the sales of your product up to 600 %.

Custom Made Inflatables

For more information on any type of inflatables contact uswe will be glad to assist you.