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Publi -Air Inflatables

Within the variety of inflatable that we manufacture, Publi-Air also produces a wide range of inflatable tents.

Inflatable Tent

We work with several models of inflatable tents like the spider tent and the igloo tent or an airtight inflatable tent, nevertheless we can produce customized inflatable tents in shape and size or scale and object or product.

The inflatable tents are suitable for indoor and outdoor events use.

Inflatable Tent Advantages

Fast and simple installation (about 10 minutes).

Transport volume and storage reduced using an inflatable tent.

Exchangeable or fixed printing can be used on inflatable tents.

Inflatable tents are very original.

Inflatable tents can have interchangeable doors.

They can be used in many ways.

Customized Inflatable Tent

See the pictures and find more about our wide range of inflatable tents and contact us if you need advice to choose your inflatable tent.