Rooftops y Mega Tótems

 Rooftops and Mega Totems

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Publi-Air Inflatables

Rooftops are inflatables that can be placed easily and have no maintenance costs.

Inflatable mega totems are ideal advertising tools for any business, property development etc.

The inflatable itself serves as a meeting- point or sign posting.

The standard design is very economical, you can print your logo to highlight it in any environment clearly and striking, also you can include interior lighting inside the inflatable to make it visible at night.


Also, we can consider making the inflatable with a customized design.

All inflatable are delivered with complete materials like: Continuous air turbine, repair kit and transportation bag.

Mega Totems

The purpose of the mega totems is the same a the rooftops.

The main difference of the mega totems is that these inflatable towers are specially designed to withstand the greatest meteorological inclemency of the weather.