Zeppelin Hinchable


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Publi-Air Inflatables

A blimp can be used in both indoor and outdoor events and the blimp can be static or radio-controlled for inside.

Like an inflatable sphere, an blimp can be filled with helium and air.

Printed Blimp

An blimp can be printed with your logo and your brand or product image.

An radio-controlled blimp can include a special mechanism inside, so that once the blimp is flying it can could throw flyers, capst or shirts to the public.

Blimp to Attract Attention

An blimp is an excellent tool to draw attention to certain points strategically chosen :


Store openingssales

Sporting eventstournaments

Specific sales promotion

Theme parks, fairsexhibitions

New product launching

Meetings, parties, carnivals, concertsconventions.