Trajes Hinchables

 Inflatable Costumes

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Publi-Air Inflatables

Why dont you life-enhance your product, logo and brand image with an inflatable costume?

A inflatable costume can be given any shape.

Increase your logo or product up to 3 meters high with one of our inflatable costumes.

Inflatable Costume

The inflatable costumes are delivered ready for use, a small continuous air turbine which is attached to the body by means of straps, two batteries included 12 V - 7 AH (2.5 Kg)and acharger.

The inflatable costumes are perfect for:


Store openingssales

Sporting eventstournaments

Specific sales promotion

Theme parks, fairsexhibitions

New product launching

Meetings, parties, carnivals, concertsconventions.