Stands y Kioscos

 Stands and Kiosks

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Publi-Air Inflatables

Besides producing inflatable products for special promotions we also manufacture a wide range of inflatable stands and kiosks.

Inflatable Stands

Inflatable kiosks and inflatable stands are custom made according to your wishes in shapesize,as a scaled replica of any object or product.

Inflatable Kiosks

Inflatable stands and kiosks are suitable for indoor and outdoor events.

Some advantages of the inflatable standskiosks are:


Fastsimple installation (about 10 minutes)

Reduced volume of transportationstorage

It is very original

It has interchangeable doors.

Printing can be fixedchangeable

It can be used for years.

See some examples of inflatable stands and kiosks in the pictures of this section, contact us for advice, we will help you choosing the best inflatable kiosk or stand immediately.