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Publi-Air Inflatables

Spectacular inflatables that move by themselves.

You can choose a Sky Dancer with one or two legs or a Sky Tube.

The Sky Dancer and Sky Tube is manufactured in high quality Spinnaker, from 6 m to 12 m high, with and without any printing and it can be in one or several colors.

Sky Tube

Like all our products the Sky Tube and Sky Dancers can be custom made according to the customer’s wishes.

Shape and spersonalized designs are more the rule than the exception for Sky Tubes and Sky Dancers.

The Sky Tubes and Sky Dancers are delivered with a complete kit: continuous air turbine and protection bag for transportation.

Sky Dancer

If you wish to show your logo or mascot as a Sky Tube or Sky Dancer, contact us to discuss the many possibilities that we can offer you.